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Last night, my faith in humanity was restored.

Friends of mine will know that I play World of Warcraft. Quite obsessively, at times. Just a week ago I reached the max level (level 80) on my newest character, my Death Knight. Since I reached this maximum level I have been focussed on gathering the best items and running 5 man dungeons as a ‘tank’. Now for any non-Warcraft players, a tank is effectively the leader of a group, charging in and grabbing all the bad guys’ attention for other people to kill whilst I do my best to make sure they’re only attacking me. I got thrown into a dungeon last night that is well beyond my level of skill and items. To put it another way, it’s like being a football team newly promoted to the Premier League and having your first match being against Manchester United.

I was in way over my head, but surprisingly at first I was holding my own. The group I was with were doing their jobs whilst I did my best at doing mine. The problems really arose towards the end, however, when we started to die on some fairly simple groups of enemies that just killed me with incredible ease.
Normally, in these situations when you’re with people who you’ve never played with before, they’ll just leave the group. Dying in WoW is not fun, some people really don’t like it and just leave when things get tough in dungeons like this.

Not this time, though. This time, there was an incredible sense of positivity from the group, nobody left, everyone was very supportive of each other. There was even some praise for me,  the worst geared member of the team. We all clubbed our heads together and came up with solutions for the problems we faced and 20 minutes later we were celebrating our victory over the dungeon.

This just goes to show that there are good people left out there on the internet and in the WoW community, despite what other people’s experiences would be.


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