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So in November, the gaming world was driven into a frenzy when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was launched on Xbox, PS3 and PC. After the initial hype, the game has settled into a state of mediocrity despite being one of the highest selling games ever made. Hacks, glitches and general asshattery have plagued the multiplayer aspect of the game for months now. Despite Infinity Ward’s best efforts at patching the problems, there have always been new ones to arise. This video illustrates perfectly the state that the game is in currently.

I know this video was recorded on Xbox and most likely took place in a ‘glitched lobby’, but PC gamers are getting a very rough deal when it comes to the amount of hackers currently online. It seems impossible to find a string of games where there isn’t a hack of some variety on display. And even if you can find some good games, you’re likely to be thrown out due to some Steam error or host migration problems (I may blog about the dedicated servers issue sometime in the future). Grumblegrumble…

Personally, I cannot wait until I get my copy of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Then maybe I can experience a real FPS game online.


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