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I’m going to be moving to Bath soon, specifically July 7th. It’s quite exciting because it’s the first time I will have lived away from home for anything other than university but it’s also incredibly nerve-wracking for a number of reasons. Mainly because it’s the first time I will have lived away from home for anything other than university.

Another big reason that this is so bloomin’ intimidating is that I’m going there with no guarantee of any work at any place. I’m going there in the hopes that being in a bigger city = more places that potentially have jobs available, so it’s a bit of a gamble. I’ve been out of work since February and even that was only temp work, so over the last 12 months I’ve worked for a grand total of six weeks and it’s been getting to me.

I suppose the worst that could happen would be for me to not find a job and run out of money so that I’m forced to move back home, although even that’s not a disaster because I’m lucky enough to have a family who are supportive of such circumstances. I’d just keep looking for work in and around London and hope I get a bit luckier than I have in the last year, which has produced several employment near misses.

Sometimes I think I’m being a bit short sighted about all this. I’m not just moving to find a job or spend some time in a nice city (because Bath is lovely), I’m going because it’s about time I started doing things like this. I’ve been living in a bubble for a long time now, my one year on campus at UEA being an exception to the rule. My three years at London Met were spent as a commuting student, rather than one getting a taste for the big wide world like so many others who were renting a place in the city. I’m 23 now, it’s about time I started bringing myself out of my comfort zone more often in an effort to improve myself and get out of this mental slump I’ve been in for ages.

Anyway, if something jobby happens while I’m out in Bath I’ll tweet and probably write about it too. Hopefully this summer will be a happy one.


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