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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

My copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 arrived on Thursday last week. I installed it on Friday and made a start with the Singleplayer campaign. Here are some of my initial thoughts about it:

  1. The comparisons between this and Modern Warfare 2 are not entirely unjustified. The singleplayer on this is pretty short based on all the reviews and definitely seems like a game that’s been designed for its multiplayer strengths.
  2. The campaign has far less ‘wow’ factor in it so far. Modern Warfare 2 was like a video game version of ‘The Rock’, as if it were directed by Michael Bay. BC2 seems fairly unexciting in comparison.
  3. The weapons seem much more powerful than in MW2. Maybe it’s just the sound system which, by the way, is truly awesome.
  4. Destructible buildings often provide more fun than killing the enemies themselves. I did find myself sitting stationary for a few minutes in a boat with an unlimited-ammo grenade launcher raining hell, fire and brimstone upon a logging camp. Oh what fun I had.

I do feel like I’ve missed a significant part of what the game has to offer with not playing the multiplayer yet. I am very much looking forward to it though, as all reports seem to be very positive about it at the moment. I shall be playing it with the same people who I play Modern Warfare 2 with, so we should all have a group opinion of how the two fare against each other. Maybe I’ll even have some footage to put into a future post.


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