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Game Over(?)

I have a dirty, rotten secret to confess. This blog is a sham. All of it, a filthy lie.

I was asked to create this blog as part of my Journalism course at University. As such I was obligated to fill it up with stuff that would look good when it was eventually assessed. The clincher here is that the blog has been assessed, and it did pretty well. I no longer need to visit this site ever again or post a single word on it.

But I’m not done with it. Not yet, anyway.

I still want to blog, I feel like there’s a lot of great things happening now and coming soon for the PC gaming community. Within the next couple of days I’ll be getting my hands on the Episodes from Liberty City expansion for GTA IV, and I’ll most certainly be picking up Splinter Cell: Conviction when it launches on PC (it’s been delayed, incidentally…grumble…). In the long term, I’ll be getting a new PC in September. One that I hope will be powerful enough to record footage from the latest games. Then I can finally put my Youtube channel to use beyond that of WoW videos and maybe get some Battlefield commentaries in, maybe some MW2 if it sorts its shit out by then.


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