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Ubisoft, the darling company who brought us games such as Assassin’s Creed 2, have come under a bit of fire lately for their usage of DRM on their latest releases for the PC. In a nutshell, this latest nightmare demands that a user be connected to the internet at all times while playing the game. If you have no internet access, you can’t play the game. What’s worse is if you lose internet connection for any reason (which will 9 times out of 10 be through no fault of your own) while playing the game, you are booted out of the game and not allowed to play again until your connection is restored. When your connection is restored, you lose your unsaved progress, and have to start the level again or work from the last point you saved at.

PC Gamer have spoken to Ubi about their DRM, the interview can be found here.

I thought DRM was bad when it first reared its ugly head when Spore released back in 2008, needlessly punishing good, honest consumers while the very people who the system was supposed to beat in the first place were downloading the game illegally, DRM-free. Now that Ubisoft have gone a step further, questions have been prompted as to whether developers really want to work for the PC anymore, as demonstrated in the interview above.

The sooner that developers realise DRM brings them nothing but negative media attention, less of a fanbase and more incentive for pirates to hack the game and distribute it among their friends online, the better. Because when that happens, we can all play without this ridiculously stupid system choking the fun out of our experiences.


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